Timo Railo
December 20, 2023 < 1 min

Nerd out with Timo – Comparing different AI assistants for coding

Our CEO went all nerd on us, and is sharing preview on different AI tools for coding. He is asking the same questions from GitHub CoPilot, Bito and JetBrains’ new...
Timo Railo
April 14, 2023 6 min

Market Survey Report – Overview of the Eastern European IT outsourcing companies’ state in 2022 and expectations for 2023

Overall, 2022 was a strong year for the Eastern European IT industry, where the median turnover growth of respondents was 33% and the median profit margin was at 17%. We...
Timo Railo
December 20, 2022 2 min

Software Development Outsourcing 2022 Market Report and Trends for 2023

We at East have a somewhat unique place in the IT market, with a good pulse on the Nordic enterprises and scaleups buying IT services and software development companies in...
Timo Railo
August 30, 2022 12 min

Part #3 of 2022 IT nearshoring predictions – Potential market downturn

I started writing this three-part series in February about trends affecting the IT nearshoring industry. We at East have a somewhat unique place in the IT market, with a good...
Timo Railo
February 9, 2022 10 min

Part #2 of 2022 IT nearshoring predictions – Changing roles and behavior on the market

Thank you for all the great comments in part #1 — we welcome you to continue the discussion for part #2! What we covered in part #1: Increase in IT...
Timo Railo
January 25, 2022 9 min

Part #1 of 2022 IT nearshoring predictions – Increase in demand and IT talent shortage

Summary of what you will find in this part #1: Increase in IT nearshoring and offshoring demand continues to grow Talent shortage is the biggest problem for the IT industry...
Timo Railo
December 22, 2021 < 1 min

Season’s Greetings

The year is coming to an end and it is time to get ready for the festivities of the end of the year. We hope you get to spend a...
Timo Railo
October 16, 2021 9 min

How to effectively sell Eastern European software services on the Nordic market

In order to sell better IT and software services to Nordics, it helps to understand a few things about Nordic culture and expectations. As a Finn who has been dealing...
Timo Railo
September 3, 2021 7 min

IT outsourcing done right – choose the correct model to hire and contract

When building business, critical digital products, and services, your options are either hiring your own team of IT talent, using an external vendor, or a combination of both (hybrid model)....
Timo Railo

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