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The Balkan IT sector has immeasurable potential to offer superb and cost-effective IT services that transform European businesses. This is especially true for the Nordic region, which shares similar cultural aspects with the Balkans while facing immense difficulties in finding highly qualified IT talent. But on the other hand, Nordic companies are not the easiest to approach due to their fairly limited experience with nearshoring.

Having the cultural and language expertise, East enables development teams and individual IT specialists in the Balkans to sell their services abroad and help Nordic companies execute IT projects faster.

Why join the East partner network

Being an East partner has numerous benefits. You can expand your reach, drive more sales in the Nordic market, and establish long-lasting partnerships with end clients and Nordic IT service companies.

We facilitate communication between you and our clients and provide all the required data for your assignments. We understand the challenges from both sides, which allows us to offer guidance for better information flow and satisfaction. We also help in price negotiations to ensure satisfactory compensation.

More international business opportunities

A briefing process and expectations that make sense

Transparent criteria for matching with a client

Pricing guidance and support for your sales process

Coaching for business and developer interviews

Cultural, legal & communications assistance

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