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IT investments have been rapidly growing across Europe, and Nordic companies are facing difficulties in finding qualified developers within the region.

Furthermore, outsourcing to other regions is generally hard due to a variety of cultural, language, and business barriers, while evaluating international partnerships adds another layer of complexity.

East helps Nordic companies to execute IT projects and staffing faster by leveraging development teams and individual specialists from Eastern Europe — a growing IT outsourcing hub that has somehow remained hidden to most businesses in Northern Europe. Through our deep understanding of Nordic culture and strong relationships with our Eastern European partners, we apply a personalized approach to provide you with the best talent available that fits your organization both culturally and technically.

Timo is a creator at heart with over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, who understands the client’s real needs and matches them with talented developers that are suitable — both technically and culturally — to collaborate with.

Over the years, he has worked on many different diverse technology projects and this experience taught him to see the big picture and understand how different elements and people traits fit together. His natural ability to be creative and his endless curiosity have allowed him to lead 50+ development projects and to coach 100+ teams and organizations so far.

Timo Railo

Founder & CEO
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Mari is an expert in communication, relationship management and project management with over 13 years of experience in the IT industry. She understands the top-level business problem and how it reflects the technical execution of a project.

She loves embarking on new projects and enabling them to make a global impact while staying fully committed, without losing focus from the main goals. With her experience in large-scale IT solutions — both as a client and as a vendor — she helps businesses manage their nearshoring endeavors and enables local partners to find exceptional Nordic clients.

Mari Railo

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IT development teams and specialists

East helps you find both the development teams and individual IT talent for your projects and team augmentation needs. Based on your needs and business requirements, we scout companies and talent to handpick the best fit for you. Then, we examine their capabilities, culture, and dynamics to assess their ability to fulfill your key requirements. Once you pick your partner, we set the contractual framework in place and closely monitor the developer and client satisfaction onward.

DevOps and cloud architecture services

East helps you define all requirements for cloud migrations, continuous DevOps services and cloud architecture in order to find the right DevOps partner, engineer or a team. As DevOps is one of the most rapidly changing areas of expertise and the transition from traditional “systems administration” to thinking of infrastructure as code, we have seen first hand how important the right fit is — knowing one cloud doesn’t mean that you can work with them all.

Interim CTO

East provides essential technical guidance and aligns all collective expectations ranging from business to technology requirements. We assist you with onboarding your IT teams by establishing common practices and guidelines. Finally, we take care of technical feasibility assessments, architecture reviews, evaluation of work estimates, and, in some cases, interim product ownership.

Manage testing and quality assurance

Testing and quality assurance is a crucial part of creating any digital product or providing successful software services. From manual QA testing to very advanced automated testing setups, we strive to find a fit that works well together with your development team. We have also worked with expert organizations for penetration testing, risk assessments and ethical hacking.

Plan and organize fixed scope projects

In collaboration with a selected partner, East can help produce the technical requirements, development specifications, UX designs and focus group testing timeline for your fixed scope project. With our extensive background in the IT industry, we can easily help you to clarify expectations, to compare offers and to negotiate during the tendering and agreement process.

Prepare for nearshoring and outsourcing

East will help you align your internal structure and communication practices to successfully outsource your software development. By leveraging our substantial experience in leading distributed teams, we train your management teams some of the best nearshoring practices that will allow you to completely oversee and grow your remote teams.

Data science

Eastern Europe has an excellent base for data science, thanks to startups within this area, high-quality mathematical education and early adoption of machine learning and deep learning. We have partners with PhD-level expertise and complete teams to service various data science needs.

Our process


Meet East

First, you will meet with our team to tell us more about your project, goals and technical team setup.


Establish requirements

Together, we will establish your technical requirements and talent searching criteria.


Searching for talent

We leverage our extensive partnership network to find the best talent for your project or company.


Connect with a partner

We establish the connection between your company and an Eastern European partner while facilitating ongoing communication.


Start your project

Once an agreement is settled, you can start working on your project directly with the partner or have us help you with the project management.


Ongoing support

We monitor the satisfaction of both the client and the developers as well as perform the on-going quality monitoring and co-operation development.

Technology stack

Our trusted network of developers, software engineers and consultants have expertise in more than 130 different technologies to help small, medium, and large enterprises across multiple industries.

What our clients are saying

  • Richard Österlind

    "We’ve had challenging requirements and big trouble finding suitable developer candidates. East has gone over and beyond matching us with the right developers. They aligned expectations both ways and helped with the developer onboarding. I will work with East in all our nearshoring projects in the future."

    Richard Österlind
    Systems Architect, Add Health Media AB
  • Fred Becker

    "East was very helpful to Aire in finding talent quickly and efficiently to meet our contractual requirements. We appreciated their search, selection and vetting process, as well as their support along the way."

    Fred Becker
    COO, Aire Labs Ltd.
  • Tatiana

    "East facilitated our startup’s entry in the market and our mobile app development coordination making sure the project met with our requirements for time-to-market and quality. We could not have done it this smoothly without East’s help."

    CEO, Movgul LLC
  • Anna Eriksson

    "It has been a pleasure to collaborate with East. They have provided great support throughout the project, and helped us find a highly skilled developer who has really taken ownership of our product."

    Anna Eriksson
    Co-Founder & CEO, Spark Sustainability

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