Eastern European IT expertise and market data – with a Nordic touch

East is a matchmaker between Nordic and Eastern European companies, finding culturally and technically fitting outsourced IT talent. Our network consists of hundreds of IT service companies and over 20 000 IT experts from Eastern Europe.

We help put together teams and find individual tech experts – shortlisted and screened by us for your company’s specific needs.

In addition to tech talent, we provide up-to-date market information to support better decision-making in IT staffing.
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Tech talent hiring in Nordic IT companies


Headcount change in Nordic IT companies (over 50 employees) January 2023 to January 2024

Senior tech experts


Senior tech experts available in May

Nordic stock listed IT companies average profit margin


Nordic stock-listed IT companies average EBITDA margin 2023

Average IT staff retention in Bulgaria

4 years

Average IT staff retention in Bulgaria

Find how we can match your tech stack

Pay less

Why can East’s prices be lower even with a commission?

We only work with partners who employ IT talent directly. Our partners offer a discounted rate due to less sales effort and lower risk. We know the market price levels better than anyone. With our vetted companies and talents, there’s less risk of a bad hire.


Why use East-facilitated matching?

When East is involved, the expectations on both sides are better managed, and the likelihood of finding a perfect match is higher. We vet and shortlist all talents so they have a good likelihood of getting accepted. This means less work for our clients and a smaller risk of a bad hire. Our partners also share better talent when they know that a client is vetted by East.


Trust is key

With East, all parties sign an NDA which includes anti-poaching, confidentiality, and non-competition clauses, making it easier to share information and get to know the potential experts. We serve everyone with the same confidentiality, and we work only with trusted partner companies.

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About us

East applies a personal approach with the best talent available that fits your organization both culturally and technically. Our efficient and established process is based on solid technical and project know-how, powerful tools, and years of expertise. We help our Nordic clients find the best technical talent for their IT needs from Eastern Europe.

Mari's signature
Mari Railo, CEO
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Timo Railo, Founder & CTO

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Why work with East

Efficient service

Established processes

Proven and established processes, efficient service and powerful tools for simplicity and speed.

High quality partners

High-quality partners

A vast network of vetted Eastern European vendors with top tech talent.

Personal approach

Personal approach

Aligning the needs of clients, vendors and talent – with our personal service. Smaller risk of a bad hire. It’s a match!

Transparency & security

Transparency & security

We help you keep your supply chain short and fully transparent. We also make sure all parties comply with the local legislation and align the legal framework to fit client requirements. As we know the local Eastern European business cultures well, we help to align expectations both ways, avoiding friction in contracting.

What our clients are saying

  • Richard Österlind

    "We’ve had challenging requirements and big trouble finding suitable developer candidates. East has gone over and beyond matching us with the right developers. They aligned expectations both ways and helped with the developer onboarding. I will work with East in all our nearshoring projects in the future."

    Richard Österlind
    Systems Architect, Add Health Media AB
  • Fred Becker

    "East was very helpful to Aire in finding talent quickly and efficiently to meet our contractual requirements. We appreciated their search, selection and vetting process, as well as their support along the way."

    Fred Becker
    COO, Aire Labs Ltd.
  • Tatiana

    "East facilitated our startup’s entry in the market and our mobile app development coordination making sure the project met with our requirements for time-to-market and quality. We could not have done it this smoothly without East’s help."

    CEO, Movgul LLC
  • Anna Eriksson

    "It has been a pleasure to collaborate with East. They have provided great support throughout the project, and helped us find a highly skilled developer who has really taken ownership of our product."

    Anna Eriksson
    Co-Founder & CEO, Spark Sustainability

Technology stack

Our vast, trusted network of developers, software engineers, and consultants have expertise in more than 1,000 different technologies – even the rarest ones – to help enterprises of all sizes across multiple industries. Below is a showcase of the 100 most popular ones – you can find detailed information about all the technologies on our new Feast Data Hub.

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The Software Development Outsourcing 2022 Market Report

We know it’s been over a year – but while we’re waiting for the 2023 market financial reports to come out, this one is still totally relevant. What went on in 2022 in the IT outsourcing industry – and what to expect for the future? Research, predictions, and ideas for overcoming challenges in a changing market situation.

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