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About us

East applies a personal approach with the best talent available that fits your organization both culturally and technically. With a process, based on a solid technical and project know-how, we help our Nordic, UK, and US clients find the best technical talent for your IT needs from the Balkans.

Timo Railo, Founder & CEO
Mari Railo, Partner

About Bulgaria

With an education system that emphasizes mathematics, striking similarities to Nordic culture, and decades-old computer engineering traditions, Bulgaria is a hidden IT gem ready to step into the limelight. The transparent communications, outstanding work ethics and goal-driven attitude of Bulgarians make the country a perfect cultural fit from a Nordic perspective.

The Software Development Outsourcing 2022 Market Report

Our first eBook is out!

The Software Development Outsourcing 2022 market report is 36 pages of what’s been going on in 2022 and what to expect for the future. Research, predictions, and ideas for overcoming challenges in the changing market situation.

Technology stack

Our trusted network of developers, software engineers and consultants have expertise in more than 130 different technologies to help small, medium, and large enterprises across multiple industries.

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  • We’ve had challenging requirements and big trouble finding suitable developer candidates. East has gone over and beyond matching us with the right developers. They aligned expectations both ways and helped with the developer onboarding. I will work with East in all our nearshoring projects in the future.

    Richard Österlind
    Systems Architect, Add Health Media AB
  • East was very helpful to Aire in finding talent quickly and efficiently to meet our contractual requirements. We appreciated their search, selection and vetting process, as well as their support along the way.

    Fred Becker
    COO, Aire Labs Ltd.
  • East facilitated our startup’s entry in the market and our mobile app development coordination making sure the project met with our requirements for time-to-market and quality. We could not have done it this smoothly without East’s help.

    CEO, Movgul LLC
  • It has been a pleasure to collaborate with East. They have provided great support throughout the project, and helped us find a highly skilled developer who has really taken ownership of our product.

    Anna Eriksson
    Co-Founder & CEO, Spark Sustainability

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