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We are looking for an analytical, curious, and tech-savvy Data Growth Hacker to join our growth journey in helping Nordic companies find exceptional outsourced IT talents from the Balkans.

About East

East is a leading matchmaker between Nordic and Balkan IT companies. We serve our Nordic clients with a personal approach together with our trusted IT partners from the Balkans. Our values—be efficient, take action, sustain value and personal touch—guide our actions. We are powered by powerful tools, but our service is personal.

We at East are a small team of dedicated and ambitious professionals with long-running IT experience from both the Nordics and the Balkans. As a team and individually, we put a lot of emphasis on a personable and friendly working environment. Our team works remotely in Sofia, Burgas, Helsinki, and Barcelona.

The position

At East, we manage big sets of data related to the Nordic and Balkan IT market, IT companies, and the market’s developments. We combine our operational data and external data sources to provide customers and partners with relevant statistical data to drive interest and brand awareness.

As a Data Growth Hacker, you work with data collection and provide glue to combine the following areas:

  • Our public facing services
  • Our content marketing activities
  • Our automated sales outreach activities
  • Paid marketing (including re-targeting and highly targeted audiences)
  • Our sales

We rely both on third-party systems and advanced in-house built tools. You don’t need to be a developer, but you do need very in-depth technical understanding to be able to configure systems and work with different types of data sets.

You might not have experience with all of the responsibility areas, but you would work together with the rest of the team to bridge the gaps and also provide you with opportunities to learn.

We are a tight-knit team, similar to what you would expect to find in a startup company, with the difference of East being an established business with validated product-market fit and healthy financials. Doing things better, improving, and investing in R&D is within our DNA, so we hope it will also be in yours.

Your responsibilities


  • Mapping out customer and lead journeys and defining touch points and channel strategies
  • Define KPI’s and setup dashboards and follow our progress
  • Working closely together with our sales, marketing and software development
  • Identifying, choosing, setting, and prioritizing growth goals for the company

Data and growth strategy

  • Using data, analytics, and other tools to support our decision making and growth strategies
  • Planning and executing initiatives to reach the target audience through different channels
  • Analyzing marketing data and user feedback (campaign results, conversion rates, traffic, etc.) to help shape future marketing strategies
  • Proposing new initiatives to attract prospects and convert leads, as well as testing new approaches to capture existing demand

Paid media and content marketing

  • Initiating, planning and setting the strategy for paid media activities
  • Planning and executing initiatives to reach the target audience through different channels
  • Planning and setting up retargeting
  • Providing support for our content marketing people, helping them run and optimize SEM, social media, display and video campaigns
  • Providing inputs and expertise to drive efficacy of marketing activities (content development guidance and optimization, advertising, etc.)

Your qualifications and skills

You should already have some track record, but we don’t expect you to master everything from the get-go. We will provide ample opportunities for growth and learning of new things. As you’d be the glue between different parts of our operations, you can also count on having the support of your colleagues every step of the way.

To succeed in this multitasked team and position, you need to have various skills:

  • Digital marketing experience – min 4 years
  • Marketing automation experience – min 2 years
  • Digital growth hacking experience – min 2 years
  • Data analyst experience – min 2 years
  • IT skills – Comfortable with complex system administration. Experience with databases, BI reporting, and other data related skills are a huge plus.
  • Communication – Excellent verbal and written communication in English. Swift communication with the rest of the team is essential to excel in this role.
  • Project management and coordination skills – Good time-management and organization skills with the ability to handle various open tasks simultaneously and work well under pressure
  • Detail-oriented and punctual – Good attention to detail and a high level of accuracy

The following skills will be considered an advantage (not must-have requirements):

  • IT industry experience
  • Content writing skills
  • Nordic languages – Fluency in any Nordic language

What we offer for you

We can offer you:

  • A competitive salary depending on your experience, track record, and skills
  • An opportunity – Amazing opportunity to get to know both Nordic and Balkan IT markets, companies, and people
  • Development – This is a position where you will not stop learning, guaranteed. We also sponsor relevant courses and training for you.
  • Remote work – Flexible working location, only ~10 days per year in Sofia
  • Team remote weeks – Twice a year, a remote work week with the rest of the team (Greece, Bulgarian mountains, the Black Sea or Spain)
  • Vacation – 25 days of annual leave

Apply now

If you’re interested in this position and are up for the challenge, please apply no later than Sunday, December 31st, 2023 by sending your CV to Mari Railo, Please note that the position might be filled before the deadline.

Should you have any detailed questions, please email to Mari Railo, All applications will be confidential, and we will notify you as soon as the selection is made. Privacy Policy.

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