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We are looking for an organized and enthusiastic Contract Manager & Administrative Officer to join our growth journey in helping Nordic companies to find exceptional IT talents from the Balkans.

The position offers amazing opportunities to get to know both Nordic and Balkan IT businesses, people, and companies. You will support the East team in various day-to-day business activities. You can be an already experienced Contract Manager & Administrative Officer with a wide set of skills or still in the early stages of your career.

Your main responsibilities are contracts administration, contracts management and invoicing. We have plenty of room to grow in the direction you are interested in developing your career. Some of the potential development areas in addition to contracts management and invoicing are:

  • Partner management
  • Sales assistance
  • Account management.

Our working language is English and in this position you need also fluent Bulgarian language. Any Nordic language is considered a big advantage. 

About East

East is a leading matchmaker between Nordic and Balkan IT companies.

We serve our Nordic clients with a personal approach in the heated IT market together with our trusted IT partners from the Balkans. Our values — be efficient, take action, sustain value and personal touch — guide our actions.

We at East are a small team of dedicated and ambitious professionals with a long-running IT experience from both the Nordics and the Balkans. Our team works remotely in Sofia and Helsinki. As a team, together and individually, we put a lot of emphasis on personable and friendly working environment. 

Your responsibilities

Your main responsibilities are:

  • Contracts administration – Creating and reviewing NDAs, sales contract and purchase contracts, creating and improving contract templates, and improving contracts handling process.
  • Contracts management – Tracking client and vendor contracts through their lifecycles and maintaining contract related documents and correspondence.
  • Administrative officer – Managing administrative processes, administering and managing financial records, creating sales invoices, processing purchase invoices, preparing monthly reports, and logging data into the ERP system and East partner portal.
  • Health and safety officer (maternity leave cover) – Managing occupational health and safety policies and procedures, and being a representative of the safe and healthy working conditions group.
  • Data protection officer (maternity leave cover) – Ensuring that the company is compliant with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and other applicable directives, laws and regulations related to privacy and data protection.

Depending on your experience, profile and interests, your responsibilities and tasks in this role can include also following areas:

  • Partner management – Researching and providing data about potential partners, arranging meetings and interviews, and logging data into the ERP system and East partner portal. 
  • Sales assistant – Researching and providing data about potential clients, reviewing IT talents CVs, arranging meetings and interviews, and logging data into the ERP system and East partner portal.
  • Account management assistant – Assisting IT talents onboarding, preparing monthly meetings, following up on work satisfaction and improvement areas, and creating finance calculations and cost analyses.

In this role, you will be communicating daily with East team members. You will be also the main contact point to East’s lawyer. You will also handle communication with East accountant, partners, and IT talent among others.

Your qualification and skills

To succeed in this multitasked team and position you need to have various skills:

  • Communication – Excellent verbal and written communication in English and Bulgarian. 
  • Project management and coordination skills – Good time-management and organization skills with the ability to handle various open tasks simultaneously and work well under pressure.
  • Detail-oriented and punctual – Good attention to detail and a high level of accuracy.
  • Experience in contracts administration / management – Minimum one year experience in legal terms and contracts.
  • Bachelor’s degree – In Business Administration, Economics, Law, or similar.
  • IT skills – Excellent MS Office skills.

Depending on your role, the following skills will be considered an advantage (not must-have requirements):

  • IT experience – Familiarity and interest in different IT technologies, experience in IT business, technical expertise, contracts management system experience, ERP / CRM and workflow automation experience.
  • Customer acquisition and account management experience.

In this role interest towards IT business, motivation and curiosity for learning, attention to detail and the ability to work together with the team are crucial.

What we offer for you

We can offer you:

  • A competitive salary
  • An opportunity – Amazing opportunity to network and get to know both Nordic and Balkan IT businesses
  • Development – A possibility to develop and re-define your role
  • Remote work – Flexible working location, only ~10 days per year in Sofia
  • Work-life balance – You can choose to start working anywhere between 8am and 10am in the morning, no requirement for overtime work
  • Team remote weeks – Twice a year, a remote work week with the rest of the team (Greece, Bulgarian mountains, or the Black Sea)
  • Vacation – 25 days of annual leave

Apply now

If you’re interested in IT business and up for the challenge and motivated for learning, please apply no later than Thursday, September 29th, 2022. Please note that the position might be filled before the deadline.

Should you have any detailed questions, please email us to All applications will be confidential and we will notify you as soon as the selection is made. Privacy Policy.

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