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25 huhtikuun, 2023 7 min

9 tips for creating a CV that gets your IT talent hired

In the first article of this series, we revealed an unexpected obstacle to your success in outsourcing in the IT industry – the CVs! While in our previous 3 tips for efficient tech talent offering article,...
Timo Railo

14 huhtikuun, 2023 6 min

Market Survey Report – Overview on the Balkan IT outsourcing companies’ state in 2022 and expectations for 2023

Overall, 2022 was a strong year for the Balkan IT industry, where the median turnover growth of respondents was 33%...
Timo Railo

3 tips for efficient tech talent offering

Do you know what puts clients off experienced and skilled job candidates in the process of IT outsourcing? Their CV....
Timo Railo
20 joulukuun, 2022 2 min

Software Development Outsourcing 2022 Market Report and Trends for 2023

We at East have a somewhat unique place in the IT market, with a good pulse on the Nordic enterprises...
Timo Railo
9 helmikuun, 2022 10 min

Part #2 of 2022 IT nearshoring predictions – Changing roles and behavior on the market

Thank you for all the great comments in part #1 — we welcome you to continue the discussion for part...
Timo Railo
16 lokakuun, 2021 9 min

How to effectively sell Balkan software services on the Nordic market

In order to sell better IT and software services to Nordics, it helps to understand a few things about Nordic...
Timo Railo

East löytää parhaat IT-osaajat, jotka sopivat jokaiseen pohjoismaiseen yritykseen sekä teknisesti että kulttuurisesti.

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